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Istanbul, January 2011: Day 3

Our third day in Istanbul took us again down from Cihangir to the tram-line on Meclis-i-Mebusan Caddesi. We took the tram to Gülhane in search of the Hodja Pasa Cultural Center where we planned to buy tickets for the evening show of Dervish dance. The map on their web-site was not much help but eventually after asking a few people we found the place - and bought tickets for that evenings folk and belly dance show (next posting). The dervishes will have to wait till next time. Then we strolled around Sirkeci and Sultanahmet, had late lunch and were back to Hodja Pasa for the show.

However the first three photos were taken without going anywhere - from the apartment window in Cigangir. The balcony of the neighboring house, the laughing dove in front of the kitchen window and the view of the Marmara Sea at 10 am.

Again the Istanbul dogs. This is the same ruins and the same young dog I showed on Day 1 just down the hill. The dog was with three men apparently living in the ruins. I thought it made a great composition in the window.

The "Pudding Shop Lale Restaurant" at Sultanahmet. We ordered Mackerel, I ordered also some fried slices of patlican (eggplant) and bulgur. Delicious.

This photo of the Istanbul PTT Museum was taken by my daughter Pinja. Sometimes she is amazing - just taking the camera from me and showing with one shot how it should be composed.

Istanbul dog sitting on the roof at Hodja Pasa. It's a good place to watch what is going on...

Istanbul Day 1
Istanbul Day 2

I'll still be posting more: pictures from the dance show, Day 4 and Istanbul in monochrome.

I am not posting all photos in the blog. You'll find more in my Smugmug.

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